Just Checking Some Things Off The List

Okay, so this is just a boring post…sorry!  The projects I’m about to discuss are not blog-worthy…so I don’t really think it’s worth posting any pictures….well maybe just one.  But I started this blog series to document the progress/completion of my own home improvement “To-Do List”…and here I am, six months into it, but have only posted one project so far.  So I have some catching up to do!

These projects were all completed in the first four weekends after I made my New Year’s Resolution to complete one project a weekend.  So here’s the snooze-fest…I figure I’ll just get these projects checked off in a quick blog and move on to the fun stuff.  The next posts for this series will definitely be more interesting!

THE GARAGE:  This was a two-weekender, as there was a lot of work to be done.  The main goal was to organize it enough to actually park a car in there!  We have a two car garage with a tandem space which is supposed to be my painting “studio.”  But the garage is the last place I really want to paint, especially late at night under the fluorescent lighting.  So the tandem space is where I keep all my painting supplies, ladders and gazillion cans of paints and swatches/sample boards…as well as as a superfluous storage area for things we just want to get out of the house.  The garage also houses many parts and supplies for the ’66 GTO that my husband is restoring.  The car itself has been at a mechanic/body shop for years, but all the extra GTO “stuff” has been taking up a huge amount of space on the garage floor.  There’s really not much to talk about with this project, except to say that after two VERY long weekends, we re-organized, moved, recycled, disposed of, donated and even sold stuff to clear out enough space to actually park our Toyota Siena minivan in there for the first time EVER!  I was so excited, I had to email a picture to my mother-in-law…she couldn’t believe it!  I think there were pigs flying that day.  
Holy smokes!  I can see the floor!

I also found some of my old artwork from high school and college, which was fun to go through.  Some of these drawings I had completely forgotten about!  Not bad for a teenager…
THE MASTER BATHROOM SHOWER:  Like I said in my prologue to this series….”I’m not going to post pictures of every little thing…do you really want to see pictures of how I re-caulked the shower?  LOL…”  So, no…I’m not going to show a step-by-step of how I re-caulked the shower.  Just know that I did.  It was a disgusting job to scrape and remove all the old caulking…but it had to be done.  Luckily, I have enough experience as a painter to do an efficient job of applying the new caulking and it was a pretty easy job.  I was glad to get this checked off my list and see a nice, clean, white, disinfected shower.  The next weekend, Aaron installed a new shower head (Kohler Forte Deluge, only $35 at Lowe’s), and it’s made all the difference.  My bathroom may not be a beautiful spa-like sanctuary (yet), but it’s definitely a more pleasant place to be now that these regular maintenance tasks were completed.  


  1. EITAKdesign says:

    Hey Chris…the shower head is pretty nice. I just wish we had better water pressure in general in the entire house…the one we had before was a removable shower head with a hose, but it was worthless. The water just trickled out because it had to travel through the hose. This one is pretty good for $35.

    10she: Ah, yes. Fun stuff. Go Alex! For the whitener, I used all the same stuff…left it on overnight, but still had some stubborn stains. I ended up using a wire brush and scraping stuff out before regrouting/caulking.

  2. 10she says:

    hi katie – guess what alex is working on right now as i type… re-caulking the MBath shower. did you have a good 'whitener' for the grout? other than bleach… we tried bleach, oxi-clean and some 'special' grout cleaner, but there are still a couple stubborn spots i'm not happy about. any tips? congrats on your job-well-done. it's a boring, time consuming, icky project.

  3. Chris C says:

    Hey, I was just looking at that same shower head the other day. How is it?