Kids’ Bathroom Walls

I was going to wait until all the projects for this bathroom were complete before blogging about it for my “One Project A Weekend” series.  I probably should have gotten everything completely done first, then decorated and staged everything for that “perfect” shot and asked my photog sister to come in and take professional pictures before sharing the bathroom “redo”….  But who knows when this bathroom will really be completely done.  It took nine years just to get some color on the walls!  Up until last April, this bathroom was the only room in the house still left with the original white walls!

The project list we have planned for this tiny space is pretty big…which I’ll discuss in another blog for this bathroom.  So far, we’ve completed three out of the eight projects to consider this room “done.”  Painting the walls was just one.  And this series is about “one” project in “a weekend”, after all…   

The bathroom “before” with the shockingly chartreuse primer basecoat.  Sorry, this is a bad pic…the color is off , it actually looks better in person.
This is the bathroom between Mason and Isaac’s bedrooms, so it’s considered the “kids’ bathroom”.  The chosen color scheme is dark gray, chartreuse, with accents of black and ivory.  The original plan was to paint a mural of jungle foliage inspired by the ones at the tram stop leading into the Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas.  The work by Las Vegas muralist, Todd Talarico, is amazing!  So I had painted a primer of bright chartreuse green as a background months ago with the intention of getting to the mural one day.  

Mural at Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas by muralist, Todd Talarico.
Then I came down with a bad cold this weekend, and on a whim Saturday night (not feeling up to doing any “work-work”, kinda bored and having mistakingly taken “non-drowsy” cold medicine), decided to “just paint something” over those green walls.  

Step-stool and canvas I had painted for a fundraiser auction.
Owl-themed room I painted last month, based on Dwell bedding.
Inspired by a step-stool I had painted for a charity auction a few months ago and a recent nursery with an owl motif, I came up with my take on a woodland theme.   I used only two colors.  “Dipped in Sugar” which is a soft white/ivory paint I had on a shelf in the garage…and black.   I started by freehand painting two simple trees with sparse leaf groupings.  

On Sunday, still feeling cruddy, but knowing I would be cooped up inside all day “resting”….I figured I should finish (wasn’t sure when I’d have time to get back to it otherwise).  My boys loved the trees and were really excited when I asked them to help me decide what else to paint….and to help me paint!  I love getting kids involved in decorating their spaces.  They’re only kids for so long, I think a kid’s room or bathroom should be fun, colorful, unique.  When I paint children’s rooms for clients, I always ask for the child’s input and I really enjoy bringing their ideas to life.  As far as the walls go, it’s only paint, and can easily be painted over later when they outgrow the theme.  So have fun with it!

My boys asked for a baby owl, a rabbit, a tree frog, a squirrel, birds, a butterfly and a dragonfly.  I sketched everything out, and let them help me paint the ivory on the rabbit.  Then I outlined everything with black paint.  

Mason is already quite the artist…look how confident and relaxed he is with the paint brush!
Isaac getting in on some painting like his Mommy and Masemo.
Sorry for the bad pictures….I am NOT a photographer by any means.  I took these all with my little point/shoot camera, Sunday night, with just the bathroom lights on.  I couldn’t even get the whole mural in one shot because the room is so narrow.  

I really like how this mural turned out….not bad for a quick, spur of the moment project!  Not to mention, I did this all while fighting a head cold.  Best of all, my kids like it too…now we’re on the hunt for some cute owl and woodland animal knick-knacks to decorate little shelves in the bathroom.  With all the fall and Halloween merchandise out now, I’m sure we’ll find some cool stuff.  Mason asked, “I wonder if other kids’ moms paint pretty pictures for them too?”  I said I didn’t know, but it makes me very happy that I can paint for them….and with them…and that they love what I do….because I do too….so much.   

Left Side…
Right Side…
My favorite part….the owl and the squirrel.


  1. Chris Carson says:

    Really fantastic! When I saw some of these pics on FB I thought they were for a client. Loved it then, love it even more now that we get the story behind the art. Love how well the 2 dimensional design worked out. Definitely one of my favorites.

  2. Juliette Samuel says:

    Wow, great job on the owl themed room and I love the Mandalay Bay hotel. Me and my husband stayed there in 2007 for our anniversary trip. 🙂

  3. justine says:

    It looks amazing! Love the color. I sure wish I had that kind of inspiration when I take cold medicine.

  4. EITAKdesign says:

    Thanks, Amy! It's a departure from my usual painting style…I'm always tempted to shade/highlight and add lots of detail. But I'm really pleased at how it turned out….love the simplicity of the graphic elements and the contrast of the colors.

  5. Amy F. says:

    I love it Katie! Such impact with just a "minimal" amount of detail and color. You are an inspiration!