Some Favorite Finds

This isn’t really a post about a project that I completed, but I did pick up these cool knick-knacks with the intention of adding a little fun to some of my decor.  I’m not sure where most of these things will fit it or how it will work with my home…I’m a painter, not an interior decorator, I just know what I like.  I fell in love with each of these items and just had to have them.  Funny how just the simplest little trinkets can become favorite treasures.  

Thanks to my sis, Julie, and my sis-in-law, Kristine, for your help with my Anthro and Urban Outfitters stuff)!

Bohemian butter dish from Anthropologie.  I don’t think this will stay in the kitchen, I’ll probably use it for clips or office supplies in the loft…it matches the stuff up there better.  I just love the colors and the pattern.
Drawer pulls from Cost Plus….These will become hooks in the loft for some of my ribbon or invitation supplies…looks so great with the butter dish!

How cool is this!  It’s a hook-rack fashioned out of faux “antique” looking, bent silverware. 
LOVE things that are clever, pretty and functional!  From Anthropologie.

I’ve always loved old keys…I used them on my New Year’s card last year and have framed key artwork (that I found back in the day at the Pier One clearance store for $2) hanging on my hallway wall since we first moved into this house in 2001!  Now they’re everywhere!  This looks like an antique key, but it’s a beer bottle opener.  Smart!  The kids have been handing it to me and saying, “This is the key to my heart.”  My niece, PJ, started that….love that girl!  🙂  From Urban Outfitters.
Vintage silverware?  Nope!  Actual measuring spoons!  From Anthropologie.
Cabinet for keys or jewelry….goes perfectly with a lot of the Indian and Indonesian antique reproduction furniture pieces we have.  From Urban Outfitters.
Cute little hooks for the boys’ bathroom.  I cut little holes in their washcloths so they could be hung for easy access.  From Urban Outfitters, comes in several bright, fun colors.
Perfect ‘hand mirror” frames to display the beautiful photos from my boudoir shoot with Desiree Hayes.   Aren’t these fun!  I simply adore them!  I put them by my closet doors….hopefully it will remind me to put my best “face” forward when I’m getting dressed each day.  From Urban Outfitters.


  1. Desiree Hayes says:

    You totally rock! I LOVEEEEEEEEE the handheld mirror idea! You are so creative!!

  2. EITAKdesign says:

    Rachel – I love Bart Simpson…nothing wrong with that! But I had to admit, the antique key bottle opener is so pretty to look at…I had to put it on display…nevermind that it's for beer! I can't wait for someone to ask for one so I can let them use it. As for decorating, I'm really not the person to ask. If it's about paper or paint, I'm your gal. But my style is so eclectic that I worry I may go overboard with pattern and color and my house will be known as that "crazy painter lady's house"! I think us creative people have a hard time with it because we have so many ideas running around in our heads…too many possibilities and wanting to stay unique. In the case of my house, my latest motto is "Creative minds are rarely tidy."

    Chris: I LOVE antiquing and flea market shopping. Even in high school and college, it was something I enjoyed…looking for unique treasures. I use to go all the time until I had kids. Now I think they'd find it an adventure to look at cool, old stuff. And both of their bedrooms have a vintage motif, so I'm always shopping for things for their rooms. You're right, I love buttons and I totally have ideas for what to create with them.

  3. Chris Carson says:

    Wonder what it is about vintage or vintage looking stuff that is so appealing? I love looking for little "treasures" all the time. A few weeks ago, my girlfriend MJ and I went to the Rose Bowl flee market in Pasadena to hunt for stuff. It was soooo much fun. It was really a great flee market with tons of stuff (and not junk). Biggest one I've ever seen too. There was a vendor there that I thought you'd love. They had nothing but buttons. Tons of them. Very neatly categorized by what they were made of (ex. glass, wood, mother of pearl…) mounted on cardboard which was protected by plastic. Lots of vintage buttons. Some were quite old and expensive, but very cool. I kept thinking that you'd find something cool to do with them.

  4. rachel says:

    Um, can you come decorate my house???!! For someone who is pretty creative, my house is total crap! LOVE the the antique silverware hooks and the mirror frames! Awesome. And I'm pretty sure that key bottle opener would be a nice replacement for my talking bart simpson plastic opener we're using now. 🙂