Kids’ Bathroom Cabinets

The cabinets (and walls) in what is now our kids’ bathroom, have been the standard white painted by the builder (we first moved into our house in 2001)…up until earlier this year when I FINALLY had a spare moment to paint the walls chartreuse and the cabinets dark gray.  A few weeks ago on a whim, I painted a “woodland” themed mural on the main wall of the bathroom….so I blogged about it for my “One Project A Weekend” series.  We’ve done little things here and there to this bathroom (added some hardware, changed the light fixture, got new towels, etc.), but it’s far from complete (there’s still the whole shower/commode area to deal with).  Today’s post is just about the cabinets….

The boring white bathroom walls and cabinets BEFORE (with that annoying light fixture)!
The cabinets AFTER!
I used a gray tinted primer and basecoated the cabinets, then loosely brushed over it with a dark (almost black) antiquing glaze to achieve the darker tone of gray I was going for….and that’s it!  I didn’t want it to look like solid paint, more like an old piece of furniture…but still have a clean, retro-modern feel, which is why I chose the darker shade of gray.  I think it looks clean, but still antiqued.  Once it had a few days to dry, it was sprayed with a protective polyurethane clear coat.  My husband installed some new drawer pulls, changed out the light fixture and added some small hooks for hand towels…what a huge difference those little “fixes” made!

My boys have great taste! They chose these drawer knobs from Anthropologie….which then became the color inspiration for the mural (black/white).
I loved the style of these pulls (from Lowe’s), but felt they would be too shiny with the cabinets….


…So I had my husband spray them with a satin black paint by RustOleum and then I rubbed white paint into the grooves to go with the look of the knobs.  It almost looks like stitchery.

The knobs and pulls installed.


Now I’m on the hunt for some cool “woodland” decor items.  I think I have to get the owl, squirrel and bird hooks for towels and robes!  These are from Anthropologie.
Until we are able to get the shower enclosure redone with tile and glass door, I may need to get this owl tieback from Urban Outfitters for the shower curtain.
I LOVE these whimsical illustrations of very well-dressed animals by Ryan Berkeley.  Urban Outfitters sells them oval-framed.  How cute would these be in the boys’ bathroom?!
Berkeley Illustration
Berkeley Illustration
Berkeley Illustration
Berkeley Illustration
Berkeley Illustration
Berkeley Illustration
Berkeley Illustration
Cutest little owl coin bank, from Urban Outfitters.
What’s left on the list for this bathroom?  Well, here’s the “wishlist”:

1) Finish painting the boys’ stepstools.
2) Rip out fiberglass shower/tub enclosure and have a custom glass tile shower installed (no tub), with frameless glass door.
3) New shower hardware, towel bars, etc.
4) Take out the carpet and linoleum and install coordinating tile (I’m leaning toward a hexagonal or herringbone pattern), take the tile up the wall part-way in the shower/commode area.  Finish with a stone or tile “chair rail.”
5) New toilet.
6) Wallpaper top half of the shower/commode area with black/gray woodgrained wall-covering (see sample below…this paper may look familiar because I’ve used it for wedding invitations….I LOVE IT).
7) Case small window in shower/commode area, window treatment.
8) Make rustic wood frame (painted to look like old, weathered gray driftwood) for the big mirror in bathroom….or take down the mirror altogether and put up two oval framed mirrors.
9) Install small shelves and decorate with woodland themed knick-knacks (see above).

Woodgrain textured wallpaper imported from Germany.

By the time all THIS is completed, I’m sure I’ll want to REPAINT the cabinets and walls all over again!


  1. toronto kitchen renovations says:

    Lovely posted with great style. That's all so enjoyful for not only kids but also for all big person. It may be reduce your fatigue. Thanks for posting.

  2. Christine Nelson says:

    love, love, love the cabinets and pulls. Great job Katie. Love the prints from Urban also.

  3. Chris says:

    Cool! Love it all. Have you painted cabinets before that get heavy use? How do you find they hold up? How often do they need to be repainted to keep their look?