Painted House Number

This quick and easy project wasn’t on my “to-do” list, but I decided it needed to be done after a client mentioned that she had problems finding my house number when we scheduled to meet at my home for her wedding invitations.  I hadn’t really noticed, but it turns out that the lighted house number on the front of our house had been blocked by the unexpectedly rapid growth of tropical foliage in our front yard.  Landscaping, gardening, yard work is NOT my thing, and rather than cutting back the beautiful fronds of the palm tree that was blocking the house number, I decided to put the house number somewhere else for the time being.

I was inspired by an idea from the September issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine…“skip the obvious offerings at the hardware store in favor of custom-painted numbers on a planter”

Idea from the September issue of MSL

Since I’m all about custom-painting and wanted to keep it subtle, yet noticeable…this was a perfect solution!  I could choose my own font and colors in keeping with the style of my home.  And since the planter has a distressed clay finish, if I got tired of the painted numbers, I could easily faux paint over it to return the planter to it’s original condition or turn the planter around and paint a new version on the other side.

Here’s the planter before…

So I painted the numbers onto the planter using a bronze metallic paint called English Brown (that happens to be lightfast/UV protected and water resistant for outdoor use) and then highlighted with a natural white paint.   The paint doesn’t look metallic in the day time, but at night when a car’s headlights flash onto the planter, the bronze has a slightly reflective quality because of the metallic flecks in the paint.

Numbers painted on…

For a touch of whimsy, I painted the Roman numerals for “1664” underneath.  I was going to do something cutesy like “Est. 2001”, but I opted for Roman numerals instead…thought it would be fun…if you know me, you know I love incorporating little details.  


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