Top 10 of 2010 – Paper and Paint

2010 was a great year for EITAK Design! There were so many wonderful projects; so many fabulous collaborations with my network of industry professionals: event planners, photographers, printers, interior designers, and contractors; so many enjoyable experiences working with such beautiful couples, loving families, exceptional businesses and gorgeous homes.  I’m a lucky, lucky girl!!!  Thank you ALL for your support this past year, whether you’ve hired me for Paper or Paint projects, or if you’ve referred someone to EITAK, or if you’ve read and made comments on this blog or EITAK’s Facebook page…it means the world to me, so thank you!   

It was so hard to narrow down my Top 10.  I truly loved everything I designed, created and painted this past year…and I was so grateful for the amazing opportunities each project brought me.  I started drafting this post just hours before heading out to ring in the New Year…so to make it easier to choose, I simply had to choose quickly…

So here they are for PAPER
(keep in mind that all these photos were shot with either my iphone or Canon ELPH Powershot….no fancy photography, equipment or editing here)

ONE: My 2010 Chinese New Year’s cards.  I put so much of my heart and soul into these cards each year, and with the amazing photos by my sis of Lot116 Photography, how could MY fabulous cards not make it to the Top 10? This particular card has to be my favorite of our family New Year’s cards to date!  Oh, but just wait til you see what I have planned for 2011!
TWO: The cards created for this tableaux shoot were done in late 2009, but was featured in a 2010 issue of Exquisite Weddings, so that counts right?  I was just so thrilled to see my name in print!
THREE: “Out of the Box” designs for party invites: ice skating and bowling.
FOUR: Custom “die-cut” party invites: my niece’s 50’s sock hop and another ice skating party (which I cut by hand).
FIVE: A beautiful collaboration with my bro-in-law, Jay and his creative wife Kristine….they are both super talented, so I was honored that they asked me to help create their wedding ensemble.  My favorite find was this gorgeous embossed faux woodgrain paper that we used to hand-cover all the Envelopments Pocketfolds.
SIX: COLORFUL, fun and unique….I love working with clients that are not afraid of bold color schemes and trying something different that will not only set them apart from the norm, but also capture their personalities and this particular moment in their lives.
SEVEN: Beautiful wedding ensembles using purple…the hottest color of the year…
Purple, black and dark silver…
Purple and silver…
Purple, green and gold…
EIGHT: Adorable birth announcements for EITAK and Lot116’s blog contest winners, all photos by Lot116.
NINE: Fabulous, Sexy, Sweet…..this is the way to do a 40th Birthday Invite!  In my favorite color scheme of course….
TEN: My kids have the coolest parties, and so it’s only appropriate that they should have the most amazing, over-the-top invites.  I couldn’t choose between Mason’s Indiana Jones party….
…Or Isaac’s Pirate Party…so I picked both!
Okay, that seems like more than 10, but some are categorized together….so let’s just let it slide…okidokee?  I did have ONE more amazing project that I’m dying to post about, but I have to keep it under wraps for a little bit longer before I can reveal any information and photos.  The work was done late 2010, but it won’t be seen until late January….so I guess it will have to be part of my favorite 11 of 2011.
Now for PAINT:  
(keep in mind that all these photos were taken with either my iphone or Canon ELPH Powershot….most shots were taken really quickly after the job was finished…no fancy photography, staging the shot, special lighting, equipment settings or editing here…just point and shoot)

ONE:  This island was originally the same color as the rest of the cabinets…I love that the client chose to make it a focal point of the kitchen by going with a soft, light gray-blue.  It’s refreshing to see the reverse of the overly popular white cabinets/black island combo.
After the island was painted, I aged and antiqued the finish to enhance the distressed wood.
TWO: A fun mural that captures the clients favorite things: the beach, orchids and her pet bird.
THREE: A simple, graphic design based on the Dwell bedding used in this nursery…this was a “hoot” to paint!
FOUR: I love Indiana Jones, so I was thrilled that my client’s sons wanted a vignette mural for their room.  My sons want it too!
FIVE: I designed and hand-made the stencil for this Bohemian-themed girls’ room…and freehand painted the floral pattern (to look like wallpaper) in the bathroom.
SIX: This stone fireplace was previously orange and gold sponge painted over layers and layers of paint, which would have been costly to sand-blast or remove, so I faux-finished the stones to bring them back to their original look when this house (turned restaurant) was built in the 1950s.  I also did a gold damask stencil on all the upper walls of the restaurant, painted the signage on the front and some ornamental painting on a metal electrical box…
Prettiest electrical box!
SEVEN: Handpainted rosettes on the ceiling of the carriage house (built in the early 1900’s) when Be Beauty opened the Jardim of their boutique.  Jardim is a beautiful place for a manicure/pedicure treatment, and they have the most charming collection of items for home and garden.
EIGHT: This master bathroom is a beautiful, serene and elegant retreat that the client wanted to create for herself.  I color-washed the walls, painted a faint floral and fabric garland mural…followed by a distressing glaze on the ceiling, and hand-painted the canvas tapestry mural with all the details the client requested (including her two pet Bichon Frise doggies).
NINE: custom painted step stools.  These are always so much fun for me and I’m delighted when the kids enjoy them too.
TEN: The one project in my own home that I had time for this year, and am close to being completely finished with!  Our boys’ bathroom.  I painted and antiqued the cabinets a dark gray, my husband installed knobs, pulls, a new light fixture and framed the mirror, which I faux “Cerused”, and I painted a woodland themed mural on a whim….
My boys love this mural, which they helped me design (they chose all the animals and where to paint them) and they also helped paint!
Can you believe I did this one night when I was sick and made the mistake of taking a 24 hour non-drowsy cold medicine?
Happy New Year!  Stay tuned for all the new projects I have planned for 2011. I’m already booked for many projects, so I’m looking forward to another great year of creating, designing and decorating with PAPER and PAINT!