Big Boy Beds

How RAD is this bunk bed? Short of actually being seaworthy…I think this bed might be as close as it gets to sleeping aboard a boat. It is AMAZING, one of a kind, completely handcrafted, the workmanship and engineering…in a word, impeccable. And it’s “docked” in my son’s room, thanks to my wonderful friend, Tiffany, and her family.

I’m not sure if this really qualifies as a “One Project A Weekend” post.  But it did take about a weekend to dismantle the old bed and move it into my younger son’s room, reassemble, get everything cleaned/set up and ready for delivery of the boat beds. In any case, I just want to show how awesome they are.
First, a little background…the boys have been sharing this room ever since Isaac could climb out of his crib. Mason has had the Hemnes Day Bed with trundle from IKEA (above) since he was two and the crib went to Baby Isaac’s nursery. Once Isaac figured out how to get out of the crib and go into Mason’s room, we kept the trundle pulled out and the boys shared the room that way for almost two years. Isaac’s fourth birthday was fast approaching (wow, time really does fly and they grow so fast)…we realized that we should probably get Isaac his own big boy bed. My husband had just sold the crib on Craig’s List and now Isaac’s “vintage circus” themed bedroom was looking a little empty.

We contemplated just turning Isaac’s room into a playroom, but thought we should at least get a bed in there just in case Isaac wanted to sleep in his own room again…and it could serve as a guest room if needed. We figured we’d just get another Hemnes Day Bed because Mason’s had held up so well and was really practical/functional with the trundle and storage drawers.  My niece, PJ, also has the same bed and it’s perfect for a kids’ room…and very reasonably priced.  

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Then Tiffany called (literally the day before we were getting ready to go to IKEA and pick up the new bed)…her son, now 13, had outgrown the bed and she wanted it to go to a friend that would appreciate it and put it to good use, rather than sell it to a stranger on Craig’s List. After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I eagerly said “Yes!” My husband measured the room and we figured it should work…or we’d find a way to make it work!

I’ve always loved that unique and beautifully made bed and knew my kids would be SO excited. Mason had been begging for a bunk bed for months! The style of the bed would be perfect for Mason’s “vintage transportation” themed room. The bed was completely custom made (I need to find out the name of the artisan who built it so I can give him proper credit). Every time I would visit Tiffany’s home over the years, I would marvel at this bed, a dream come true for any kids’ bedroom!

Tiffany has the most gorgeous, beautiful home. If anyone should have a blog about decorating, interior design, remodeling…it is Tiffany. She and her husband, Bill, completely renovated and decorated their historic home themselves. Both of them are incredibly talented and the ongoing journey of their home is enough to inspire content for countless blogs and TV shows. There are some of Tiffany’s touches in my home…from window treatments to antique accent pieces, bedding and wall art. I’ve been so lucky to have a friend who is so generous with her talent and knows my style so well. I’m happy and so grateful to take ANY of her “hand me downs”!  She has been such a great influence, a mentor and has taught me so much about this industry.

I can’t even begin to thank her enough for her generosity! The boys were ecstatic when the bed was delivered and assembled. They couldn’t wait to show all their friends and neighbors. Mason immediately called the top bunk. And they’ve continued to share the room ever since, can you blame them? It’s like an adventure in there! Mason’s old day bed was moved into Isaac’s room (pictured above) and is sort of a play room and place for their cousins to sleep over.

The boat bunk bed works so well with Mason’s transportation theme and all the other related accents we have collected over the years for his room.  Now I just need to hang up a few of the vintage map prints I’ve saved and maybe add a removable vinyl, personalized boat name sticker to the side of the boat. Originally, (before Mason was born) I had planned to paint an elaborate sepia-toned transportation mural on the top half of the room and maps into the insets of the wall panel/molding…but who knows when I’ll ever have the time. So I think the cloud mural on the ceiling is plenty and the boat bed really makes the room.
The braces for the bunk look like oars.  And how cool are the real fenders/bumpers as decorative touches!
Mason’s old crib bedding/bumper is now used on the top bunk. The map print fabric and colors are perfect.
Tiffany even gave us some framed vintage car/buggy prints.
Tiffany had this pillow made for Mason when he was just a baby…
…it features an authentic antique hand-painted book cloth of a locomotive.
A biplane and hot air balloon mobile from Nana and Papa fly around the other side of the room.
One of Papa’s model trains adorns a shelf.
This retro gas pump and the scooter are from HomeGoods and Cost Plus.
Daddy picked up this fighter plane from Mason’s first experience at the Miramar Air Show.
The cute Pottery Barn Kids night light from Nana and Papa.
Tiffany also made this valance and I decoupaged it with a map print.


  1. Casey says:

    Hi! Awesome map fabric that your friend Tiffany found. I have emailed her too, but just wondering if you or she knew of the name of fabric or the company? Would be greatly appreciated.. And the bed is just amazing!!!! Thanks

    1. Hi Casey,

      Unfortunately, that map fabric was discontinued quite some time ago. I’m not sure Tiffany would know the fabric or company. I think she found it on sale in a remnant pile…she only had enough to make the crib bumper. I wish there was more of it so I could have more pillows made from it.


  2. Anonymous says:

    I have been looking forward to seeing and maybe sleeping in the boat bunk bed, but bet it won't roll us to sleep like on Coastie but is the next best thing. Both rooms look great and I can't wait to see them in person. Hugs, Nana

  3. EITAKdesign says:

    Awwww….thanks, Rach! You totally made my day! Thanks for taking the time to read my "novel" and then making such a nice comment. I never know if anyone actually reads this blog, but I love having a place to talk about the things that are important to me. So it really means a lot to me when lovely people take the time to let me know they like what I'm doing. xoxo back at ya! 🙂

  4. Rach says:

    WOW, this is one of my top 3, maybe THE top post you've ever done!! You sound like such an amazing friend, the countless acalades you gave Tiffany…that's the type of person and friend that I make all my stuff for as gifts. Hearing that someone appreciates you that much and what you do for them is the best feeling in the world. On top of that, your rooms are gorgeous, I can't believe how well the boat bed fit into that room, the colors and chair rail/paneling, is amazing!! I bet the boys went NUTS!!! lastly, holy crap I can't believe the circus room! That is FULL TALENT, I honestly had to squint to be sure it wasn't draped in fabric, so amazingly gorgeous!!! Love love and love!!! xo

  5. Joanne says:

    That is SO COOL! What a fun room!