DIY – Mini Paper Bunting

I’m working on my boys’ joint birthday party – a vintage carnival/circus theme (if you’ve seen my boys’ rooms, you know that we’re just a teensy bit obsessed with anything vintage/antique…Mason’s room is vintage transportation-themed and Isaac’s is vintage circus). So, I’m beyond excited about the decorations and ideas I have planned for this party!

I thought it would be cute to have a mini pennant garland/bunting in the invitations.  Bunting are all the rage and part of the styling for almost every party, wedding, event or holiday decor featured in magazines and blogs over the last few years. And even though they’re enormously popular and common, I still think they’re adorable and festive…and perfect for a carnival theme.

For Mason and Isaac’s party invitation, I thought about threading little triangles of fabric onto string or stitching the pieces together directly onto the card stock…but I really didn’t have a lot of time to work on them, and my skills with a needle and thread or sewing machine are questionable at best. Plus, I was looking at needing five pennants per invitation…and that just seemed like a lot of cutting and sewing for the 50+ invitations I would be assembling.

So I decided to make mini-bunting out of paper…or rather, label paper. It was super easy and I already had everything on hand.  I used standard white, self-adhesive, address labels. I have the economy pack from Kelly Paper, which are pretty much the same thing as the Avery 5660…30 labels per sheet.

I set up some random patterns and backgrounds to coordinate with the invitation design and printed onto full sheets of the labels.

I had some Dollar Tree hemp twine left over from Mason’s Indiana Jones party last year, which I cut into lengths slightly longer than the width of the invitation card where the bunting would hang.

Then, centering the label onto the twine and spacing each label equal-distance apart…

…fold the labels in half to adhere the pieces together and attach it to the twine…

Then snip each label to create a triangular shape…

And that’s it! A super simple, inexpensive, mini paper bunting…

Here’s a sneak peek of how the vintage carnival party invites turned out…

And here’s the full post on the invitations


  1. Claire says:


    Can you tell me how to fix the hemp onto the card? Did you punch holes through the card? If so what do you use? I’m thinking if doing bunting on my wedding invitations but am a complete beginner when it comes to making handmade cards & a bit scary!


    1. Hi Claire – To adhere the bunting to the card, I punched holes, threaded the string through, and then taped the excess string onto the back side of the card. This card was then adhered to the inside of a box, so you couldn’t see the tape. For your invitations, I would suggest using a tiny punch, like 1/16″ or 1/8″, and then layering the invite card to an accent layer or backing so that the back of the card with the tape/string doesn’t show. Other options for adhering the bunting to the card are eyelets and brads (which both still require punching a hole) or a little tiny dot of glue on each end of string (if you don’t want to punch a hole or use a backing layer).

  2. Kristin says:

    The invites are awesome!! Thank for the tutorial!