Sketch Every Day: 12.16.11-12.18.11

These few days were spent fulfilling the last of my custom holiday card orders. I tallied over 1,100 holiday cards that I custom designed, printed, hand-assembled, some even addressed and mailed out or delivered, in the last 2-3 weeks. So the sketches for these three days were somewhat rushed, but I managed to squeeze them into my schedule.

12.16.11: I want to take my kids to see the movie “Hugo”…the automaton looks intriguing and I’m fascinated by the style and look of the 1930’s time period, the romantic depiction of the Paris train station, and the mystery of science, magic and imagination that the story portrays.

12.17.11: A pencil sketch portrait of my friend Kiki’s mom.

12.18.11: Candy Cane Stripes