Sketch Every Day: 12.20.11

12.20.11: “Knuckles”…So I have a funny story to share about this sketch.  Tonight I made my last custom holiday card order delivery for the year, so I thought it would be nice to celebrate by taking some time off and spend it with my family. I’ve been working so much and my boys have been so patient with my schedule. So after dropping off the cards, we decided to go see “Hugo” in 3D and then check out the Lego store at the mall. The boys are complete Lego maniacs and were super excited to spend some Christmas money from their Auntie Cho-ee. They were allowed to pick out a Lego toy within their “budget” and then “pay” for the item at the counter by handing over their cash and waiting for change. Isaac (5) hasn’t “paid” for anything before, so he was a little unsure of what to do and expect. He handed the cash over and the gal at the register rang him up (he was beaming because he thought this was so cool). She put his change (all coins) in her hand, then made a fist to hand it over to Isaac. He looked confused as she held her fist to him so she could drop the change into his hand…he hesitated for a moment and then did what he always does when someone shows him their “knuckles”…he gave her “knuckles” right back or a fist pound (like a high-five but knuckles to knuckles). We were all laughing so hard…I was practically crying.