Sketch Every Day: 12.26.11 – 12.28.11

12.26.11: Lip gloss samples.  I received a gift of Clinique lip gloss from Aaron’s sister, Sonya…and needed a quick way to “test” the colors. Mango-thon is the winner for me.


12.27.11: Today my boys helped Nana harvest red chard from her garden. The colors and leaf structure are beautiful…and it was so delicious on our dinner plates.


12.28.11: I found these Eucalyptus seed pods during our hike on Angel Island today. The first one that caught my eye had a perfect quatrefoil shape in the center.  Then I noticed that each pod was different, some had a five petaled flower or a cross. I took a bunch of photos of interesting patterns and textures during our hike which I’ll share in another post. The natural occurring patterns and designs in nature are so intriguing and inspirational to me.