Ribbon Bow Ties for My Superstar

Last night (April 18, 2012) our five year-old, Isaac, performed at the San Elijo Elementary School Talent Show. It was his very first time EVER being on stage in front of so many people and I am extremely proud of him! It takes a lot of courage and confidence to speak, sing, dance, perform in public. Most people (including myself) would have been nervous wrecks. So it was incredibly awesome to see my little dude up there, under the bright lights, in front of a packed house, doing his thing. And he relished in the whole experience, from getting stage-ready in the snazzy outfit (he chose himself from H&M), to waiting his turn to perform (no nervousness, just pure excitement counting down the acts), and then soaking in all the cheers and applause he received from the audience.

Isaac has always loved to sing and dance. It’s true, even before he could speak words, he was humming and making music, movin’ and groovin’. He makes up songs all the time, sings to himself…we call it “Shuggie’s Soundtrack.” He’s never had a problem singing for our family, friends, neighbors…or random people at Costco or Target and wherever he can get an audience. So when he asked to be in the Talent Show, we were not surprised. We just wondered if he would get stage fright once he saw all the people. But he did a fine job…and looked so dang adorable up there!

So I thought I’d share a quick photo tutorial of the bow ties I handmade that morning for his dapper outfit. I’ve never made a bow tie before, but they’re super easy and awfully cute! I used wired ribbon because that’s all the store carried in the cute patterns/colors he wanted. Next time, I would prefer to use un-wired grosgrain. But the wired ribbon worked just fine. 1.5 or 2 inches is the perfect width. All you need is a strip of ribbon cut to about 8 or 9 inches long, a smaller strip of ribbon cut to about 2.5 – 3 inches, needle/thread, a piece of elastic, and velcro or snaps. ¬†They were so simple to make (I whipped up a few of them before breakfast that morning), I’m thinking they would be fun as favors for a kid’s birthday party, a baby shower or even a whimsical/vintage-themed wedding. So here’s the DIY in a few steps…followed by some photos of Isaac at the Talent Show. To view a video of Shuggie’s performance, click here. Yes, I’m really proud of my SUPERSTAR!


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