Mother’s Day DIY – Cameo Pillows

For Nana’s Mother’s Day gift, I thought it would be fun to make something with the boys’ silhouettes. Nana adores her grandsons, so I knew she wouldn’t mind having a little reminder of their cute faces. The cameo is such a classic and timeless motif, and works with all styles of décor from traditional to modern. I’ve incorporated silhouettes into invitation designs and decorative painting for years. Last year, my boys’ silhouettes were the main design element for their Vintage Carnival party invitations…and I recently helped my son’s kindergarten teacher with silhouettes of all 33 kids for her class projects. So, I’ve been on cameo mode. They are just too cute and so easy to do.

My mom & dad-in-law recently redecorated their guest bedroom (formerly my husband’s room when he was a kid).  Besides serving as the guest bedroom, it was also a storage and display area for Papa’s collection of model trains. Our boys affectionately called it “Papa’s Train Room”…but once Papa decided to convert the attic space into a place to run his trains, Nana claimed the guest room as the “Mom Cave” and did some redecorating. They painted a couple of walls an awesome dark gray, cased the windows with a beautiful wood trim, put up pretty white curtains, and created a cozy space for Nana to do her sewing, read and relax. The Mom Cave still shares some space with trains, but the room definitely exhibits Nana’s elegantly modern style…no frou-frou, pale pastel florals, ruffles and bows, or collections of china figurines in this hip Grandma’s place!

So we decided that a couple of decorative pillows for the Mom Cave would be a nice Mother’s Day present for Nana…especially once personalized with the hand-painted boys’ silhouettes .

We found a couple of linen pillows at TJ Maxx that were the perfect gray color...

I took profile photos of the boys and printed them out to the desired size, then cut out with scissors.

Once they were positioned onto the pillows, I traced the outline with a fine point Sharpie. Then I watered down some white primer and painted in the silhouettes with a couple of coats.

It really was so very easy to do...and turned out so, so cute! Here they are on our bed. I just may have to make some as a Mother's Day gift for myself!