Vintage Comic Book Vibe

My brother-in-law, Mark, is an incredible designer, artist, musician. So, when he asks me to sketch or paint anything for any of his projects, I am completely honored and flattered for the opportunity to be a part of his awesomeness.

For an upcoming event, Mark asked me to do some quick sketches of the three featured DJs for the flyer he was designing. Mark is one of the DJs, along with DJ Charlie Rock and Special Guest, DJ Nu-Mark. For the flyer design, he was going for a vintage comic book vibe. He sent me three photos to reference and told me to do the sketches like I had for my family’s birthday sketches…only with less shading and more cross-hatching like you’d see in comic book art.  I sketched first in pencil and then inked it, scanned and sent it to him…keeping my fingers crossed that he would like it and be able to work with it for the flyer.

Mark took it from here, worked his magic on cleaning up the sketches and created this ridiculously AMAZING flyer. Seriously, I was blown away by what he did…and I was so humbled that he included me in the process.

Not only am I super-duper excited that my little sketch made it to the final flyer design…I’m thrilled to go the event, with these three DJs, it’s sure to be a phenomenal show…not to be missed!


  1. Melissa H. says:

    LOVE IT! Your talent + Mark’s talent = Awesome work.

    1. Thanks, Melissa! Mark could have totally done those sketches himself, but I’m glad he gave me the chance to work on them.