Bedtime Routine

When my son, Mason (age 7), suggested adding a sketch session to our bedtime routine, I was really flattered that my kids enjoy watching me draw and are interested in seeing how I start and finish a sketch. After getting ready for bed, putting on jammies, brushing teeth, a small drink of water, and going potty…we all climbed into their bed, with Mason’s sketchbook and a pencil/pen. Mason wanted to “challenge” me by selecting the subject for the sketch. And I wanted to impress him by showing that I was willing to try and sketch anything he put in front of me.

We started with an Imperial Guard Star Wars action figure and went from there. Each night, Mason would remind me that I had to do our bedtime sketch and pick something for me to draw. Some nights I really had to rush the sketch…with all the end of the school year projects and activities I was working on, my wedding season schedule, painting jobs, and since it was usually getting late and these boys needed to go to sleep…I really couldn’t spend more than 15 minutes on each drawing. Most were done in about 5-10 minutes.

Some nights, the boys would fall asleep before I finished the sketch, so I would surprise them in the morning with it and they thought that was cool. It was a fun bedtime routine for a few weeks and I certainly enjoyed it…but I started to get the feeling that this was actually a stalling technique so that they wouldn’t have to go to sleep right away. And sure enough, once school let out for summer and our bedtime routine became more “flexible”…I was no longer as entertaining as I thought, and the requests stopped. Or rather, they became more lackadaisical about it.

Oh well, it was fun while it lasted…and at least I discovered that I can draw Halo action figures. 😉


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