Vintage Carnival – The Photo Booth

Who doesn’t love a PHOTO BOOTH! They are so much FUN!!!  For the MARVELOUS Gaines Bros. Vintage Carnival Party, a painted drop cloth used as party decor created a delightful backdrop for our version of a photo booth. And since my boys enjoy dressing up for their themed parties, a chance to be silly in their carnival costumes made a photo booth a must. Mason wanted to be The Ringmaster and Isaac chose The Strong Man character. With Halloween around the corner, I was able to find an awesome vampire costume at Marshalls for under $20, that was easily modified to look like a vintage Ringmaster suit (just by adding a top hat and bow tie, omitting the fangs).

My sister, Julie, came up with the terrific idea to turn a striped men’s polo shirt from Walmart (found on clearance for $3) into a Strongman unitard for Isaac. I don’t sew, so I waited until Nana Sue came into town and tasked her with cutting and sewing. Isaac loved it! My husband, Aaron, made a barbell prop by tying two black balloons onto the ends of a piece of flexible rubber heater hose. We figured with his hair parted down the middle and a painted on handle-bar mustache, Isaac would look the part of a vintage circus Strongman.

With assorted hats, wigs and accessories from the boys’ costume trunk, as well as some Halloween items purchased from the 99 Cents Store and Dollar Tree, we had a nice selection of photo booth props. I displayed them near the backdrop in my vintage red suitcase with a hand-lettered chalkboard sign and a snazzy red velvet rope barrier borrowed from our neighbors, The Hadleys.

Our friend Jenny’s cousin, Hughes Hoang of H3 Photography, generously offered to help my photog sister (Julie of Lot116 Photography) out by photographing guests at the photo booth. He was great and such a huge help. He even dressed to match the party with suspenders and an old fashioned driver’s cap (or flat cap). Hughes is awesome!

So, without further ado, here are some of the fabulously fun photo booth shots from The Gaines Bros. Vintage Carnival Party….enjoy!



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