DIY Paper Scrap Decorations

I work with paper every day, so my extensive collection of scraps, leftovers and remnants should be of no surprise. Actually, it’s getting a bit out of control. Decorative papers are taking over just about every room in the house. I save it all, with other projects in mind. My husband has (jokingly, I hope) threatened to call “Hoarders”…or that we need a paper intervention…haha!  I use a lot of pretty metallics and interesting textures and patterns that I just can’t bear to throw away! Even a little strip of any one of these papers would make a lovely embellishment or could be repurposed into something else. Now that my holiday card orders are fulfilled and in the mail, I decided to make use of some of the scraps for last minute decorations and gift wrapping. I had some help from my little “elf” and together we quickly made these easy decorations and gift wrap with paper scraps and materials we had around the house. The only tools needed were a glue gun, stapler and hole punch.

Paper Scrap Tree

Paper Star Materials

Snowflake Star

These paper snowflake/stars are lightweight and can be easily taped up or hung around the house. A whole wall of these would make a fun backdrop for a New Year’s Eve party or photo booth.

Gingerbread House Tags


(The idea for the gingerbread house hand-drawn gift tags came from Jackie Rueda’s blog: ….discovered on Pinterest)

Paper Chain Garland

Paper Chain Garland 2

This pretty silver and gold metallic paper chain garland may stay up all year round.