Twelve of 2012 – PAPER

This post was meant for the first week of January as a recap of some of my favorite projects of 2012, but since 2013 is already off to a good start with project bookings and some exciting new opportunities, there was a slight delay in putting my top picks together. It takes quite some time for me to go through an entire year’s worth of party invitations, weddings, graphic design, murals and decorative painting projects. I have a special connection to each and every project, so it’s difficult to narrow things down…I love them all! As I scrolled through each month’s worth of (iphone) photos I had taken of my work (some of which were already posted on my Instagram and Facebook pages throughout the year), I was reminded of all the terrifically unique projects and wonderfully amazing clients I had the opportunity to work with.

Thank you to everyone who chose to work with Love Paper Paint in 2012. I know with all the online printing sites, DIY blogs, Pinterest, and Etsy…there are a lot of alternatives and options at your finger tips for everything from creating paper goods to decorative painting ideas. So I appreciate the value you place on my work when you support artisans, design professionals, and licensed contractors like me. Thank you, thank you, thank you…from the bottom of my heart! 2012 wasn’t exactly my favorite year (I won’t elaborate…just moving forward with optimism), but I am grateful for the many great things I do have in my life…my loving family, our health and happiness, and the passion I have for what I do as a designer and artist.

There will be a separate post of my Fave Twelve of 2012, for PAINT.

So here they are, my FAVE TWELVE of 2012, for PAPER:

(In no particular order. All photos were taken with my iphone, some have filters from Instagram. Descriptions are below each image)…

HP Invitations

These elaborate Harry Potter themed invitations are so RAD, I’m hoping my kids will want this theme for a party one day so I can recreate them. The boxed invitations featured a scrolled and hand-aged “acceptance letter” with gold-painted dowels/caps; a custom designed “Book of Spells” containing clues for the party; pencils that were hand-painted to look like wood-grained broomsticks (with raffia bristles); printed “scarf” box liner and metal owl charm embellishment.

Milk and Cookies

The invitations and paper goods for this vintage milk and cookies themed party were so cute, I could eat them up! What a delicious idea for a party…and so much fun to design for. Attached to the hand-cut invitation “cartouche” were circle card “cookies” featuring the birthday girl’s photo.

Vintage Lace

Lace was HUGE in 2012. I designed countless completely different wedding ensembles utilizing lace as a graphic motif or embellishment. From a rustic vintage vibe using burlap and lace accents, to glamorous elegance with a blind-embossed lace motif and beautiful letterpress…lace was one of my most versatile and top-requested elements for 2012 weddings.

Sweet 16

I was thrilled when my friend Jeff’s daughter, Makala, asked me to help design her Sweet 16 party. And even more excited when she said she was going for a vintage carnival vibe (LOVE) in my favorite color combination (red, mustard yellow, and teal/turquoise). Her party was so much fun and everything was bright and festive and pretty…just as a Sweet 16 should be.

Gilt Edge Cranes

While the design of this midnight blue and gold wedding ensemble may seem like simple and understated elegance, these invitations were probably one of the most costly and extravagantly printed invitations I’ve ever created! The invitation cards were custom ENGRAVED by THE one and only Crane & Co. on the thickest stock they produce…and with gilt-edged painting. Exquisite! The return addresses on the envelope flaps were also engraved in blue ink and hand-lined with Italian marbled paper. A midnight blue linen tri-fold enclosure with exquisite gold foil embossing on the front cover and interior pocket looked like it could have been sent by Royalty. And indeed, an actual invitation from The Royal Family served as inspiration for this ensemble. The insert cards were individually customized for each guest and contained personalized transportation and accommodations information. Considering that only 30 invitations were needed, this was quite the production!

Exquisite Weddings

In 2012, I had the opportunity to work on a fourth magazine shoot with Jessica Gillon of Events by Design and Exquisite Weddings Magazine. This tableau featured gorgeous floral design by Annette Gomez, vintage lace, mini favor cakes, elegant cloches and my own hand-painted elements. A full post with all the lovely details can be found here.

Crabby Party

I had so much fun working on this “Crab” themed 1st birthday party! I created the wedding invitations and all paper elements for this fabulous couple in 2010, and was thrilled when they contacted me to design for Junior’s first birthday. With a rustic nautical vibe (handmade chalkboard food signs, burlap, jute twine) and a fun red and aqua color scheme, this party was anything but crabby.

Water Colored Letterpress

“Awesome” was the keyword for this Bride and Groom…and it was certainly incorporated into their wedding ensemble. Not only did I love that “awesome” was used in some of the wording (and their wedding website), but their unique proposal story served as the inspiration for the graphic motif I designed. He proposed on a rowboat in Central Park (they’re from CA, she was there visiting family and he flew there to surprise her…she had no idea he was in NYC until he rowed up to her in the boat…so romantic). In addition to gorgeous letterpress printing onto thick Crane’s Lettra stock, my favorite component was that I hand-painted each and every piece of this ensemble with loose brush strokes of turquoise watercolor to represent the water element of their wedding theme…this “floats my boat” (pun totally intended).

Pink Lace

Another invitation incorporating lace, but the graphic has more of a non-traditional, global feel. Soft blush pink, ivory, champagne and silver were used to soften the bold graphic, along with feather and rhinestone embellishments. Very pretty, romantic and elegant.

Soccer Brave Ballerina

I’m grouping these these three as one pick, because they each represent unique takes on kids’ party themes and I’m pretty sure the guests who received them have never seen anything like them. On the boxed soccer invitation, I hand-cut and painted astro turf to look like a mini field, complete with a soccer bouncy ball and player’s card for the invitation. The Brave-themed invitation featured a paper archery set and hand-made craft stick arrows with party information printed on the quivers. The ballerina party invitation was a very simple format, but I hand-stitched each and every ribbon tutu…and enjoyed it very much!

Batman and Bowling

I love it when my clients give me creative license to “do my thing”…they give me a theme and color scheme and the rest is up to me. Vintage Batman and a mustache and bowler hat bowling party…these themes are right up my alley (pun not intended, haha).

Polite Provisions

These menus for a new bar opening in San Diego were designed by the MOST talented designer I know, my brother-in-law, Mark. And while I did not have any part in the design, Mark brought me in on the project to assist with printing and production. The opportunity to work with Mark is why I chose this project. Not only is the logo amazing (and makes me want to have him redesign mine), but I love the vintage (late 18th/early 19th century) apothecary-inspired style of the bar and all the branding Mark designed. Additionally, the production itself was such an amazing process to be involved with. The menu covers were foil-stamped using an original Heidelberg letterpress onto very thick chipboard for an industrial look. The menu pages were printed onto an aged-looking parchment paper. Mark and I assembled each menu with black linen binding tape, hand-punched antiqued brass grommets, and hand-tied black leather cord. I can’t wait to visit Polite Provisions in person and sample their extensive selection of old-time pharmacy inspired libations…and venture next door to Soda & Swine for a tasty bite of Americana.