Best Love Story Ever

There are so many wonderful love stories in books and movies, but my favorite is the one from Disney Pixar’s “Up”. I am inspired, touched and brought to tears every time I watch this beautiful and heart-warming movie. I am amazed by how eloquently this animated feature tells the ultimate love story between Ellie and Carl, in under eight minutes and without any dialogue…better than any book has done in hundreds of pages or any movie in hours of film. The messages of love, friendship, loyalty and living a life inspired by adventure and passion are codes by which we should all live and love.


So in celebration of Valentine’s Day and as a nod to my sentiments on the LOVE I strive to express in my relationships with family and friends, and my passion for my work, this post is a fun homage to the stories of love in Up.

On one of our first days of summer break this past May (2012), my two sons and I watched Up for the umpteenth time (and yes, I cried…again). My younger son, Isaac (then 5 years-old) exclaimed that we should make a house out of cardboard, attach balloons and play “Up”…he would be Mr. Fredricksen, Mason would be Russell, and I would be Ellie (or Kevin or Dug later if needed). So the very next day, my husband constructed a small house out of two large cardboard moving boxes, and the boys and I hand-painted it.

Isaac Up

Mason Up

Homemade Up House

Homemade Up House2

We attached a bunch of balloons we had leftover from birthday parties (just blew them up, no helium, and attached to the roof with a wire coat hanger) and it was ready for our adventure! My sister Julie, and niece, Paige, came over to check it out. Paige wanted to play too, so she took over as Ellie. It was so dang adorable that we couldn’t resist having a little Up-inspired photo shoot. The kids quickly threw together their outfits and props (PJ brought a few things over) and Julie snapped a few pictures (it was literally just a couple of minutes)…and then they resumed playing Up. Here are some of the unedited shots Julie took. It was so much fun…and I think Isaac makes the perfect Mr. Fredricksen. Adventure is out there…may you all find and share it with the ones you love! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Photos by Lot116 Photography

Up Shoot

Up Shoot2 UP Shoot 3

Isaac as Carl

Isaac as Carl2

Isaac as Carl 3