Last Minute DIY BEEMO Costume


It was the Friday before Halloween and we were busily working on our costumes to wear for Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland that Monday, when Mason (our nine year-old) decided that he wanted to be BEEMO (from Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time) for his “actual” Halloween costume. I was already inundated with all the costume and prop prep for our “Steampunk Robot Skeleton” -themed costumes, so I said, “you’ll have to ask Daddy if he’ll make it for you”…which wouldn’t have been a problem, IF he wasn’t asking to have it THAT night to wear to his cousin’s school Monster Mash.

Everyone in my family is extremely creative and artistically talented…plus design, DIY and craft-saavy, so I didn’t have any doubts that BMO would materialize due to our costume-making prowess (we take costume making very seriously around these parts).  The real question was how we could pull it together in just a few hours? My husband and I work well under pressure and we always meet our deadlines, but we both had our “regular” work to do…and we didn’t have any of the materials we would need to make the BMO costume (well, besides gaffers tape, glue gun and label paper).

So, being the awesome Dad that he is, and not wanting to turn down a costume design challenge, Aaron agreed (after Mason badgered and begged all through breakfast) to create the BMO costume in time for that night’s Monster Mash. And so the countdown to Operation BMO began.

Once the boys were off to school, Aaron had some conference calls to do and I was tasked with shopping for materials after a morning of my own client meetings.  I ran a few errands for client projects, then found myself at Walmart on a mission to find the rest of the supplies for our Steampunk costumes and hopefully pick up everything Aaron would need for BMO.  I had no idea going in that I would find anything that would work. Here’s my text thread with Aaron while we tried to source materials.

Text 1 Text 2 Text 3 Text 4 Text 5

I arrived back at the house around 1:45 p.m., dropped off the materials I picked up from Walmart (totaling about $30) so Aaron could get started while I was teaching art in Isaac’s class. Here are the materials used:

BMO Supplies

When the kids and I got home from school (3:30 p.m.), this is what Aaron had done.  Mason was super excited.


After spray-painting the box, he began preparing the buttons (a mailing tube lid was used for the large red circular button and the rest were made from cardboard and colored paper) and cutting the extra aqua shirt (I bought two because I wasn’t sure which size would fit Mason best) to stretch over the opening to make BMO’s screen. Originally, he was going to have me paint BMO’s screen face onto a separate piece of poster board that was layered behind and cut holes for Mason to see out of. But he found that if a shirt was stretched taut, you could actually see through it. And the shirt was the perfect color.  The shirt was stretched and affixed to inside of the box using gaffers tape.

BMO Box painted

After the paint was dry, he used more gaffers tape to finish the edges/seams.  Everything else was label paper. Inside the box, Aaron attached suspenders to help Mason keep the costume at the right height for the arm holes, and to help stabilize the box. A few hours later, the costume looked like this.

BMO Almost Done


BEEMO back

He ran out of time to finish the buttons, but this was enough to get Mason to the Monster Mash. We figured it would be a test run for the costume and Aaron could fix/finish everything for Halloween night. Here’s Mason in the last minute DIY BEEMO costume with his cousin, PJ, and little brother, Isaac (sorry for the grainy, low-light, IG photo)

BMO at Monster Mash

BMO and Fiona

I can’t take any credit for this DIY, with exception to setting up/printing out the labels that we used for BMO’s eyes and mouth, speaker holes, and the “BMO” letters on each side of the box…plus, finding/shopping for the materials.  I did have to crawl into the box to tape on the t-shirt for the “screen”, but all the concept to creation for making this rad costume goes to my husband…who designed, engineered, painted, and built the costume in less than four hours, with limited materials.  Needless to say, the costume was a HUGE hit at the Monster Mash and on Halloween night, with kids yelling “We love you, BMO!” and “It’s BMO!” and “Awesome BMO costume!”  When total strangers are asking to have their picture taken with you…well, that’s a good sign that the costume is legit.

Finn and BMO

Trick or Treaters