Mud-Cloth and Driftwood on Your Dinner Table

Thanksgiving is just days away, and even though I’m not hosting this year, I tried a couple of really quick DIYs that I thought would be fun for future table decor next time I host Wine Club or a Book Club gathering.

Using a Clorox bleach pen and place mats I found at Dollar Tree, I made mud-cloth inspired place mats. My current textile obsession, Mud-Cloth or Bògòlanfini, is a handmade Malian cotton fabric traditionally dyed with fermented mud. I’m drawn to the bold, simple patterns, and how it works with (imo) all types of decor…especially the nomadic bohemian vibe I’m drawn to. Simply squeeze the bleach gel onto the place mat, allow to dry completely, then rinse off the gel residue and toss in the dryer to set.




For place cards, I used flooring sample pieces that you can find at home improvement stores. I had a bunch of grayish, distressed “driftwood” samples of laminate flooring from some client projects.  With a gold, metallic, oil-based paint pen, I hand-lettered (my name, of course) onto the sample piece.  For table decor, you can use these as place cards that your guests could take home as little “name plate signs” or keepsakes.  Just about anything can be used as place cards…just by writing guests’ names with Sharpie or paint pen or even chalk.  In the past I’ve used leaves, pieces of fruit, shells, corks, fabric swatches, coloring pages.


Here are a few variations on how I would set the table if I was hosting Thanksgiving Dinner this year, using brown craft paper as a table cloth (guests can write or color directly onto the paper and clean up is quick and easy), my faux mud-cloth place mats, “driftwood” place cards, and a driftwood succulent & votive centerpiece by Seafoam Driftwood.






Thank you to Arhaus for helping to spark the idea regarding holiday decor.